Hi viewers I just want to say that being fashionable is a very important thing!! My tip for this weeks Fashion Buzz is that PEACE is one of the newest fashions.  No i am not talking about in books or anything, but wearing PEACE accessories, or clothing!  PEACE signs are the newest things, and are easy to find and buy everywhere!!!

Thank You


Upcoming Events          

We the Editors are thinking about having a fashion desiging contest.  The participants would send their fashion design to
passion4fashion.sna@gmail.com. The winner would have his/her fashion posted on the Fashion Buzz for a week so all viewers could see the creativity of the designer.  If we decide to do this contest we assure you that no personal information would be asked of you.  All you would have to do is send you fashion to passion4fashion.sna@gmail.com.  

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail us at
passion4fashion.sna@gmail.com.  Also if you have any ideas or new tips once again e-mail us at passion4fashion.sna@gmail.com.  If you send in tips they will be posted on one of the designer's pages and will clearify that it was posted by a viewer.

Extra Information

Here on the Passion4Fashion website we have anouther designer that is becoming full time.  If you have any questions or comments about the designer please contact us at