The One & Only.... TYRA BANKS!!!

                                  Everyone loves an awesome model & judge. For me that gal is Tyra Banks!!! As everyone knows Tyra is a judge on "America's Next Top Model or ANTM." She has had many popular photo shoots as a model and is very sucessful!!! She also has been asked to host award parties. PLUS, Tyra is also a recording artist and recorded a music video for the song "Move Your Body." I admire Tyra for her beuity; however, her kindness and love for others make her shine even MORE!!!!!Thanks for checking my blog and make sure to check it

                                   Mothers' Day Contest!

                  As we all know Mothers' Day is right around the corner! So, if you would like to REALLY suprise your mother here's how! Send a photo of your Mother's Day card to us at Please do not write any personal information on it. All we need is to see how creative you are!!Alright GET TO IT. DUE- 3 DAYS BEFORE MOTHERS' DAY!!( p.s. if you do send it to us we will send a congrats to your e-mail)


                                AWESOME FASHION TIPS!!!

                    If you have a question about fashion e-mail me at I will happly answer the question for you!

                       Thanks, Skyra



                                    New member conetst!!

               If YOU would like to write a paragraph for my photo gallery please feel free to. P.S.( IF YOU DON'T SEND PICTURES I WILL HAVE TO SHUT MY PHOTO GALLERY DOWN!!!!!:(