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Summer Information

Summer is finally almost here and you know what that means.....right.....well it means that fashion is even more important in your daily life, because you will be up and out at the beach, and hanging out with friends 24/7.  To help you main tain your sense of fashion I have created a list below that consists of 2 things that you might wear compared to the better choice. If you have any more fashion tips please send them to: passion4fashion.sna@gmail.com. Please label your messages with one of the following, or similar to them: info for Ashley's page, Ashley page,  Questions or comments for Ashley's page, Ashley Info.



1. Bathing suit covered up with jeans and t-shirt

2. Bringing purse or regular tote bag to the beach

Wearing w/ fashion

1. Bathing suit w/ cover up, sunglasses, and if daring even adding a cowboy hat

2. Bring a tote bag or purse w/ your own designs on is; use finger paint, iron on designs, or any other personal fashionable accessories



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